You are the ONLY You!

My husband said something profound to me the other day. I had been really sick, and he offered to get the kids ready for bed so I could rest. When he brought the baby to me to feed, I giggled that Daddy had forgotten to put on the onesie underneath his warm jammies like I had told him. Shawn smiled and warmly said, “I am not their Mommy.” It really struck me. Sometimes the simplest things he says are truly the wisest.

I’ve thought about it ever since. You see, my husband is good at everything. From sports to technical computer stuff to fixing things around the house and even cooking and playing with the kids, my man seems to do all things well. I’m continually impressed by him! But, even with all his gifts, he can’t be me. I am the only person who was created to be the mother of my kids. I was the one predestined to be his wife. I was created for a purpose that no one else can fulfill.

In case you haven’t seen the profoundness yet in his comment, YOU too were created for a purpose that no one else on earth can fulfill. There is a plan for you. Nobody else can fill that role, even if they try.

My girlfriend said yesterday, “Each day we’ve been given on earth is a gift.” How true! What difference are you making today in this world? Who are the people that God has put in your path to serve and reflect His glory to? You are the only one who can walk in the path God made for just you. So, be the best you that you can be! Be intentional, and be encouraged knowing that you are needed in your life!

Exodus 9:16 “But I have created you for this very purpose, that I might show you My power and that My name may be proclaimed throughout the whole earth.”

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