Breaking Free

I started my weight loss journey a few years back after completing Beth Moore’s Bible study called “Breaking Free.” In it, I learned about generational bondage and how sin can entangle us like a literal yoke on our neck. I’ve been struggling with weight issues and eating my entire life. I had all but given up the struggle, figuring that I have been fat for a long time and will probably die obese.

But, after this study and realizing that God can do ANYTHING, I decided that I can’t ever quit – I must continue to to be free from this bondage, focusing on God’s strength to free me rather than my own. And, I’ve decided that I want to cut off this sin and its power to enslave before I pass it along to my children.

What people who are thin don’t understand is how much of a struggle it is lose weight. While people can say “just eat this and not this,” in the moment it feels like it’s next to impossible. And I don’t think you can workout enough to counter bad eating habits. I literally have felt like I was in chains. As much as my mind said one thing, my body and impulses were going another. I can’t seem to break the cycle!

But, I KNOW that God can. If I am ever truly healthy and thin, then it will all be to God’s glory. For this is an area of true struggle for me – to have Holy Spirit discipline and self-control. I continually pray for His power and help!

This morning as I was reading my Bible, I came to Acts 12. Peter was in prison, literally held captive in chains. BUT, the church was praying to God for Him, the Bible says (verse 5). So, an angel came to free him, and the “chains fell off Peter’s wrists” (verse 7). These verses stood out to me. If chains can literally just fall right off in this physical world, couldn’t God free me in the same sense from my struggles?

I noticed that this happened while the church was praying to God for him. So, I’m asking anyone who reads this to pray for me. And, if you struggle with the same area and would like me to pray for you, simply leave a comment and I will add you to my prayers as well. I KNOW God is faithful! I know He has the power! I’m believing I can be changed for Christ!

Dear Heavenly Father, we ask you to drop the chains of addiction off us. Please help us with discipline and self-control – give us the fruit of the Spirit and help us to obey You in every area of our lives. I feel like I have no power to change, but I thank You that YOU do have the power to change me! Please help us, Lord. May we be healthy and thin for Your glory! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

2 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. ko2qu4 says:


    I am a senior at the University of Richmond, but I am from Lancaster and friends with Julie Garner. She shared your blog with me because I am struggling with binge eating sin and have gained a lot of weight and am discouraged. However, I am slowing reading through your blog from start to finish and it is very encouraging. Thank you. Also, as this post suggested, I am asking for prayer to be free and praying for you too!

    Kaitlyn Oliver

    • VALGOOD says:

      Hi, Kaitlyn. Thanks for reading! And thanks for the prayers! I can use them, and I prayed for you too. Don’t become discouraged – our God is able to heal us and set us free from any addiction. Believe that you are His and that He can! Blessings on your journey! Valerie

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