How Big is God?

Lately I think I’ve forgotten how big our One true God is. I went on vacation and came back weighing more than I wanted to. But, more than that, I came back with the desire to overeat just as I had when I was away. As many times as I would tell myself that I’d start fresh in the morning making healthier choices, the next day I would give into temptation again. What was wrong with me?!?!

Last night, I was watching a Veggie Tales video with my kids called “Larry Boy and the Bad Apple.” In it, the bad apple (representing temptation) tried to render God’s people useless by tempting them with areas they struggled with, including vanity, electronics time and overindulging in chocolate consumption. As each one was giving in, I became a little more discouraged as I thought about my own inability to overcome temptation recently. I eventually left the room to put my youngest son to bed. When I came back to my older boys, the video was ending with an important lesson – no one can stand up to temptation on our own, we need God’s help!

How had I missed that? I’ve been on this journey for years, and yet I was once again trying to say no to food on my own and out-exercise my bad eating habits, as if my own works could save me from my own sin. This morning I had to repent of my pride and I once again humbly laid my struggles before God.

This morning my devotions were in Isaiah 36-37 when a king from Assyria threatened to utterly destroy Judah. Showing his previous triumphs against other kings, Sennacharib asked what god could save this people? When looking at just the circumstances, Judah didn’t stand a chance against this king. But, Hezekiah, king of Judah, humbled himself and prayed to God. The Lord’s answer included these verses:  “‘He [Sennachrib] will not enter this city or shoot an arrow here. He will not come before it with shield or build a siege ramp against it. By the way that he came he will return; he will not enter this city,’ declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 37:33-34). The passage goes on to tell us that “Then the angel of the Lord went out and put to death 185,000 men in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning – there were all the dead bodies! So Sennacharib king of Assyria broke camp and withdrew. He returned to Ninevah and stayed there” (Isaiah 37:36-37).

God, with his all-powerful nature, displayed His mighty hand and fixed the situation that seemed hopeless. Did He act because of Hezekiah’s worthiness? No, as we see later in Isaiah how Hezekiah was selfish and full of pride (just as we are all sinners). The Lord acted for the sake of His glory and renown and because of the covenant He made with His beloved (Isaiah 37:35).

Friends, God can fix absolutely any situation you are in. He is a BIG God! I know friends who are struggling with physical ailments, the search for a mate, infertility, obesity, financial disaster, feelings of isolation, and other situations that seem downright impossible in the natural. But, no matter what the situation, our God is bigger. Our God is stronger. Our God is all-knowing and all-powerful. If He commands it, it is. Period.  And this all-powerful God is also loving. He is a compassionate and gracious God.

Let’s invite God into our situations to fix them as only He can for only His glory. I couldn’t lose weight on my own. I felt absolutely hopeless and absolutely ridiculous that I struggled with a temptation that many people don’t face. But, I’m giving it to the Lord. I’m proclaiming His victory in my life. I can’t take any credit for it’s God alone who helps me each step, each day. The more impossible your situation seems, the more we know that God is working a plan for His glory. Then we can only say, “Now that was God!”

How big is God? SO big! He is the One and Only true God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the miracle Maker, the salvation Provider, the holy and awesome loving Father. Let’s turn to Him today!

Dear Lord, we believe that You are holy and righteous, the One and only God and worthy of our worship alone. We confess that we’ve allowed our focus to be on our problems rather than You, our solution. We can’t defeat temptation alone. But, we know that You can. We can’t overcome our problems no matter how hard we’ve tried. We ask that while we’re in the boxing ring, we can tag out and let you come in and do throw the knock-out punch. Then we’ll shout YOUR victory, for Your glory. We love You and long to honor You with our lives and even our problems. May You be magnified today! We ask that You make us healthy and thin for Your glory alone. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

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