Why Wait?

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.” ~Ecclesiastes 11:4

When I read this verse, I highlighted it in my Bible and put a star next to it. How many times have I waited rather than just starting? For example, I would start training for my next race, but the weather is frigid; I think I’ll wait until there’s no sign of snow. I would start eating right, but I might as well finish what’s in my fridge now and start next week when I go to the grocery store. I would start studying for my GMAT but I really feel the need to spend my time unpacking. I would adopt a child, but my own kids are little right now so why not wait until they are older? I would travel now, but let’s wait until we have more time or money or (FILL IN THE BLANK). You get the idea…

We can always find excuses to allow us to stay put and not “get anything done.” (Yikes!) The conditions may never be perfect! You may turn 80 waiting for the right moment to just get started! Or you can start NOW! Take the imperfect condition, your imperfect self, and simply ask the perfect God to help you! Today is January 1 – the first day of a brand new year! The conditions may not be perfect, but the time is right…

Dear Heavenly Father, You are holy and worthy of praise. You know the big picture and the day-by-day moments. Lord, you know that the conditions we are in are less than perfect in this world. Will you please help us? Give us the motivation to start despite the circumstances. Help us each step of the way. And may we honor You and give You the glory for anything we get done. Thank You for the truth found in Your holy Word. In Jesus’ Name we pray, AMEN!

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