A Reminder From God…

The week after Christmas I had an MRI done on my left ankle and foot since I’m still having swelling and severe pain (and I fell back in September!). I got the results after the New Year’s holiday and was devastated to see that my ankle is still broken (although it looks to be healing) but I tore or partially tore three ligaments surrounding my ankle and there is also an abnormality (break or separation?) in my foot, on that same left side where the ligaments and muscles are joined together. I was sad, to say the least. And the orthopedic group was off for the holidays so I was left with results and no one to really explain them. While my internet search showed that this tears and breaks can be normal with a severe ankle injury, they also suggest that eight weeks in a cast should help with the healing. I’ve already done that, and this MRI was taken months later. I started to panic – why is this not healing?

The next morning, as I was taking the kids to school, we opened our morning devotional as we always do. The kids take turns reading to each other, and we discuss what it says in the car. (I know this sounds like we were running late, but we were actually early. I have found that the morning car ride is the best morning time where we are all together with attention given to what’s being read, so it is just what works for our family for morning devotions!) Here was the devotional, word-for-word (borrowed from the book “365 Devotions for Boys”):


“You clothed me with skin and flesh, and wove me together with bones and tendons. You gave me life and faithful love, and Your care has guarded my life.” ~Job 10:11-12

     Have you ever seen a lifeguard in action? If someone is in trouble, he does not hesitate to jump into action and save a swimmer from harm. When people sign up to be lifeguards, they know that caring for others is their job.

     Did you know that God is your lifeguard? He offers constant care, love and protection.

I heard the words as they were being read and I immediately thought of David in Psalms saying how God created and formed our bodies. But, instead I was surprised to hear the reference of Job (which the kids mispronounced as a ‘working’ job, and I corrected them saying “it’s Job” which sounds like robe). These verses touched my heart all the more then. Anyone who has read the book of Job knows that he had suffered greatly and continued to trust God and cry out to Him. God knew that I was sad. He was reminding me that He has formed our bodies, He knows how to heal and how to save, and He is offering care, love and protection. I felt like He was saying it would be okay.

I have an appointment to see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow in between classes. I am still having pain, but I am trusting that my ankle will heal (and I’m praying for sooner, rather than later!). The one doctor from the practice emailed that it can take up to four months for torn ligaments to heal. This week marks four months, but I keep reminding myself that if that is an average, it’s okay to be higher than average and someone else’s lower-than-average healing time makes that still an average. That said, I miss running and doing normal activities, and even being able to sleep without waking up with pain. So, please pray that my ankle heals and this becomes just another memory of God’s faithfulness. 🙂

I am reminded that GOD is on duty today. He has not left His throne. He is still in charge. He knows what we need. After all, He created us! If you have anything you’re struggling with today, ask God to rescue you. Even if all you can do is put your hand up (like a swimmer who needs help!), He’s got you! Trust that He is able and ask for His faithful and powerful intervention. Then thank Him as you watch the answer unfold…

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