Add This One to Your Must-Read List!

This weekend I had the pleasure of reading a new novel (The Senator’s Youngest Daughter by Kelley Rose Waller) that was such a page-turner, I finished the entire thing in a 24-hour period. It was not only an easy read (with suspense, action, drama and a little romance weaved in), it was also a novel that really makes you think.

Is America today what our forefathers envisioned? How have we gotten to a place where someone’s name recognition means more than what he or she stands for when running for political office? What happens when America sits back and refuses to vote or be heard because what can “just one person” do? What happens when we believe we are entitled to rights versus working hard for earnings? Are programs offered by the government really “free”? What happens when we believe all the lies the media spoon feeds to us?

This is a story in which absolute power corrupts absolutely. We see inside all the propaganda and political lies. Sadly, we also see the results of the masses being discontent with what government is doing but not willing to act on their convictions. Both disbelief in the power of the people and sheer laziness make this nation waver toward an extremely destructive path.

In this novel, one family works together to try to stop the madness and bring true liberty back to America. The Senator’s Youngest Daughter is captivating and fast-paced and makes you want to finish the next page and then the next. Just when you think that the good guys are about to win, a powerful turn of events makes you gasp and shudder. A family’s love and conviction for our nation (and true liberty) help inspire us to be more aware of the current political climate – and decide which side of the fence we want to be on.

This one is a must-read! Whether laying on the beach or curling up next to the fireplace, this book will hold your attention and make you thirst for more…

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